Over the years, Harold has gained a small amount of internet popularity. Here are links to his other websites and to sites that post reviews and biographies.

Alternate Sites – Other places to find Harold.

Harold Rhenisch News

The Flying Trapeze

Sun Rain Wind Stone


Harold’s very old website

Harold’s slightly less old website

Harold at LinkedIn


Other Bios – Listings and Histories

Canadian Poetry

League of Canadian Poets


Celebrating Our Gifts

The Okanagan Institute

Love the Poem



Reviews – What other people are saying.

Free Will on The Danforth Review,, and

Winging Home on

Tom Thompson’s Shack at BoughtBooks and the BC Book Prizes

Living Will at The Dominion, the Antigonish Review, and Prairie Fire (via ZoomInfo)

The Wolves at Evelyn at the BC Book Prizes, Canadian Literature, and Northwest Passages

Out of the Interior at Books in Canada

harold rhenisch

Interviews – Harold talking to people.

On 12 or 20 Questions

At BC Bookworld

About Free Will, at Writer’s Café

Harold at Authors Aloud


Excerpts – Read more!

From Winging Home

Harold reading from Return to Open Water

“Telling the Truth”, from Return to Open Water

Several poems at East Village Poetry Web

“To the Memory of My Beloved, the Author, William Shakespeare”

“Grafting, 1978”

“The salmon return to the Horsefly River” (pdf)

“The Fruit Wars” from Out of the Interior

Three poems at nth position

Part of “Ironies, similes, not exactly” from The Antigonish Review (via


Other Links – Where else is Harold?

Harold at the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival

Harold and Daniela Elza reading her “Icon in a Green Walnut Shell”

Harold reviews All Our Wonder Avenged by Dan Domanski

CBC Literary Awards, 2007

On Harold winning the George Ryga Award

Harold in the Aurora Online

On Casa Miralago, edited by Harold

Recording of the launch of Rocksalt

Harold’s review of Phantom Limb by Theresa Kishkan

Photos of the Rocksalt launch


Sites that Harold recommends a visit to:

John Howe, illustrator

Rémy Markowitsch, photographer

Gabor Gaszstonyi, photographer

Stefan Schütz, dramatist and writer

Edward Epp, painter

Arc Magazine

Vallum Magazine

The League of Canadian Poets

The Malahat Review

Chris Harris Gallery

The Canadian Authors Association, Niagara Branch


The Writers’ Union of Canada

John Hagan, painter

ABC Bookworld Author Bank

Grasslands Conservation Council of British Columbia



1 thought on “Links

  1. Greetings Harold. The depth of your website is phenomenal. I enjoyed browsing. Chi miigwech for gifting me the summer 2016 PRISM International. I raced madly thru the pages seeking your name and was…shockingly saddened. Hope these September days warm you, surround you
    with light, grant you stillness. Smiles Sandra Lynxleg

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