A serpent about to enter the birth story.

A serpent about to enter the birth story.

Sometimes a story is not in a book, but is the land we walk through. All stories used to be like that, but then came literacy and cities and BlackBerries with custom skins. Now, literacy is a great and powerful thing, but it does lend itself to conceiving of the world as a thing to be ¬†understood ¬†through words. I had the great good fortune this summer to be reminded again and again that the land itself is a book, and one containing stories we walk through. We will be talking about all of this in the coming year, in a series of spiritual writing workshops I will be leading in the labyrinth at Ocean Resort, in the heart of Kwakwaka’wakw territory, at the north end of the Salish Sea.


2 thoughts on “Dreamtime

    • Hi, Lorin,

      these are the dates: Nov. 22, Dec. 13, Jan. 10, Jan. 24 and Feb. 7…

      cost is $60 per workshop – this includes a $15 lunch.



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