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Harold Rhenisch
6552  Southwind Road
Vernon, B.C.
V1H 1B7

Where is Vernon?

Vernon is in the north of the Okanagan Valley, which flows across the Canada/US Border in the Intermontane  Grasslands west of the Rocky Mountains and East of the Cascades & the Coast Mountains.



10 thoughts on “Contact Harold

  1. What would history look like if we removed time?

    Simultaneous silver rivers running through golden pools as realities unwind and remember themselves

    In the face of a True One, like you, I bask.

    Peace be within, peace be upon, peace be below and above you. Even in words of rage, hope and grace exist. Jill

    • Are you implying that at some point very soon there will be a massive series of earth changes (like that is happening now) that will trigger intense releasing of the outer layer of the earth’s mantle and perhaps, a pole shift? A magnetic reboot. No more time, no more memory and absolute Chaos…..hmmm. I think I’ll go put together my ‘survival’ kit and pray like hell….

  2. Um, no. I’m talking about finding a landscape that has never been humanized, never been walked upon, never been observed, so that now, as we observe it, walk on it, tell its story, we are the earth seeing itself for the first time.

  3. And that, given how far our culture has evolved over the centuries, this may be a revisiting of the first look the earth has ever had, or, better said, this is the same first look that the earth had through the first hominids, and the first people — what a gift.

  4. I am the Earth seeing itself for the first time

    I love this

    My body is the body of the planet.

    I see through the eyes of Jade, Dogwood, Cedar and Jay.

  5. in relation to Jill Banting :
    I agree within these prophecies .
    Pole shift is possible .
    Better : the earth will turn arround wheeling into
    the other direction , so that the sunrise will be in the west ,
    the sunset in the east .
    Prophecy : the old lion will turn arround .

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