The Spoken World

I have been blessed with a new book of poems. Once in every poet’s life, a special book comes that is a pure gift. This is that book. In October, five years after my friend, the poet Robin Skelton died, Robin came to me and we talked through the medium of these poems. I then spent nine years making sure they were right. They are pure music. Here’s Hagios Press’s info on the book. I’ll be taking the book around this January. I hope to see you along the way. A list of readings follows. First the book:

Robin Skelton Sharing the Cover of Our Book
We’ll be going out reading in January. Come and share the magic.

These are poems created out of the Old Norse and Anglo Saxon traditions of blessings, prayers, poems of love and death, and earth-consciousness that are at the root of our language. Here’s where you can find me with the book this month:

January 19, 2012, Nanaimo. Vancouver Island University, Building 365 (“The Cabin”), 7 pm, with Robert Pepper-Smith. Full details here. Here’s a map, to help you find the cabin:

Upper Vancouver Island University

With the Cabin circled in red. Just uphill from the library. Just in from the Upper Parking Lot off of the Nanaimo Parkway. 

January 20, 2012. Victoria. Planet Earth Poetry Series. 7:30 p.m. Moka House, #103 1633 Hillside Avenue. With Nick Thran.

January 21, 2012. Quadra Island. Herriot Bay Inn. Herriot Bay Dinner Series. 7 PM, $15, includes tasty savoury & sweet morsels, 250.285.3322 for reservations and information. I will be combining the book with stories of the amazing salmon of the Okanagan River, who swim to Siberia and back. There’s is a truly inspiring story. If you know the Herriot Bay Inn, you know these evenings are true expressions of spirit unlike anything else in B.C. If you don’t, do come, and then, once we’ve eaten like kings and queens and have celebrated the magic of words, we can retire to the pub, where the jam sessions can put any LA studio session to shame. This is B.C.’s best-kept secret. It shouldn’t be a secret! Just follow the signs to the Cortez Ferry, and turn left just before the loading dock, and you’ll be there.

January 22, Campbell River.Noon to 4 pm. Writing Workshop: English – Language of the Earth. Sybill Andrews Cottage. 2131 South Island Highway. To register, please call: 250-923-0213. $40  English is a language built on old knowledge of the earth brought to us by our Old Norse ancestors. All of our language for our physical lives is a gift from them: man, woman, star, wood, water, ice, fire, love, birth, death, grass, rain, and all the other things we can pick up and hold and which hold us in turn. By moving into this language, we can make all of our writing come alive in the way the earth is alive, and it is in this language that we both describe the world and speak of love, spirit, magic, prayer, and our dreams. Whether you are chanelling, writing prayers, novels, meditations, memoirs, stories, poems, or blessings, or in any way speaking for your body within your words, you will find many new avenues for writing within this hands-on workshop.

January 24, Campbell River. An Evening With Harold Rhenisch. 7-9 p.m. Sybill Andrews Cottage. 2131 South Island Highway. For information, please call: 250-923-0213. I will be combining talk about my latest forays into complementing and extending the writings and environmental concerns of Roderick Haig-Brown, with readings from The Spoken World, and other new works. I will augment the show with slides from the Broughton Archipelago and Iceland. There is much in our ancient language that can help us in these troubled times, in which we all have become increasingly aware of the earth speaking through us, and of the need to find terms with which to speak for it and to save it. $6.

And, of course, Robin will come:

Robin in One of His Frequent, Playful Moments

Oak Bay, Early 1980s.

If you want to hear these poems somewhere else, or want to have coffee along the way, drop me a line at rhenisch at telus dot net.



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